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Azerbaijan Central Bank Customer Care Help Line Address Email Website

Central Bank of Azerbaijan customer care help line address phone email website toll free Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan organizing banking system money producing financial services economy exchange currency stock controling
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Website : http://ift.tt/1bqZVPn;&   http://en.cbar.az/
Phone: (994 12) 493 11 22
E-mail: mail@cbar.az  

The Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Address: 32 Rashid Behbudov str.,
AZ1014 Baku, Azerbaijan 
Phone: (994 12) 493 11 22
Fax: (994 12) 493 55 41
E-mail: mail@cbar.az 

Established     11 February 1992
Governor     Elman Rustamov
Currency     Azerbaijani manat

Hot Line
on the Bank: 493-11-22 (3-87)
on the national currency: 493-13-23

The Central Bank of Azerbaijan (CBA, Azerbaijani: Azərbaycan Mərkəzi Bankı) is the central bank of Azerbaijan Republic. The headquarters of the bank are located in the capital city Baku. Is established on the basis of the State Bank, the former USSR Promstroybank, the Agroprombank of the USSR pursuant to the Decree of President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Launch of the National Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan, dated 11 February 1992.

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